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The Gospel Doctrine Class

A Thought

We have the truth to give to the world. We have the plan of life and salvation. We have the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and if we will live our religion, the Lord God Almighty will bless us. . . . Every Latter-day Saint should have a desire, above all other things, that his life should proclaim the truth, and that his life should be a teacher of the truth, not only to the world, but especially to his own family.

- Heber J. Grant

Brother Beardall’s Gospel Doctrine Outlines

Lesson 41

I Have Made Thee This Day … an Iron Pillar

Lesson 42

I Will Write It in Their Hearts

Lesson 43

The Shepherds of Israel

Lesson 44

Every Thing Shall Live Whither the River Cometh

Lesson 45

If I Perish, I Perish

Lesson 46

A Kingdom, Which Shall Never Be Destroyed

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