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A Thought

Christ came to redeem the world from sin. He came with love in his heart for every individual, with redemption and possibility for regeneration for all. By choosing him as our ideal, we create within ourselves a desire to be like him, to have fellowship with him. We perceive life as it should be and as it may be.

- David O. McKay

Brother Beardall’s Gospel Doctrine Outlines

Lesson 22 - Inherit the Kingdom Prepared for You - Matthew 25
Parable of the ten virgins. Parable of the talents. Parable of the sheep and goats.

Lesson 21 - What Is the Sign of Thy Coming? - Joseph Smith—Matthew (Matthew 24)
Jesus' final teaching in the temple. Jesus laments over doomed Jerusalem. Signs to precede the destruction of Jerusalem. Signs to precede the second coming. Teachings about the second coming.

Lesson 20 - Woe unto You, … Hypocrites - Matthew 21-23; John 12:1-8
Mary anoints Jesus' feet. The Lord's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Parable of the two sons. Parable of the householder. Scribes and Pharisees try to trap Jesus. Jesus identifies and condemns the hypocrisy and wickedness of the scribes and Pharisees.

Lesson 19 - Thy Faith Hath Saved Thee - Luke 18:1-8, Luke 18:35-43; Luke 19:1-10; John 11
Parable of the unjust judge and the widow. A blind man healed by faith. Jesus invited into Zacchaeus's home. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

Lesson 18 - He Was Lost, and Is Found - Luke 15; Luke 17
Jesus teaches the worth of souls through the parable of the lost sheep and the parable of the piece of silver. The story of the prodigal son. The ten lepers.

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