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A Thought

Now the Lord would give us gifts. He will quicken our minds. He will give us knowledge that will clear up all difficulties, and put us in harmony with the commandments that he has given us, and with a knowledge that will be so deeply rooted in our souls that the knowledge can never be rooted out, if we will just seek for the light and the truth and the understanding which is promised to us, and which we can receive if we will only be true and faithful to every covenant and obligation pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Joseph Fielding Smith

Brother Beardall’s Gospel Doctrine Outlines

Lesson 30 - God Is No Respecter of Persons - Acts 10-14; Acts 15:1-35
Peter learns in a vision that the gospel should be preached to the Gentiles. James martyred and Peter imprisoned. Peter's miraculous escape from prison. Paul and Barnabas preach the gospel to the Gentiles. Disputations among the Saints over keeping the law of Moses.

Lesson 29 - The Number of the Disciples Was Multiplied - Acts 6-9
Seven chosen to assist the work. Stephen brought before the Sanhedrin and stoned by his accusers. Phillip preaches in Samaria. Simon offers to buy the power to bestow the Holy Ghost. Phillip teaches the eunuch. An introduction to Saul. Saul's conversion. Events in Saul's life following his conversion.

Lesson 28 - We Are Witnesses - Acts 1-5
The Lord ascends into heaven. Matthias is called to be an Apostle. The day of Pentecost. Peter heals the lame man. Peter preaches of the times of restitution. Peter and John arrested by Jewish leaders. Ananias and Sapphira. The work goes forth.

Lesson 27 - He Is Not Here, for He Is Risen - Matthew 28; Luke 24; John 20-21
The lesson opens with a discussion on resurrection. Witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ: Mary Magdalene and the other women, Peter and John, on the road to Emmaus, the Apostles, and others.

Lesson 26 - To This End Was I Born - Matthew 26:47-27:66; Mark 14:43-15:39; Luke 22:47-23:56; John 18-19
Jesus is betrayed and arrested. Jesus is questioned and tried. Peter denies Christ. The crucifixion and burial.

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