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A Thought

Few of the billions of earth can walk with God as did Adam and Abraham and Moses, yet, in the world in which we live, the scriptures are available to nearly every soul, and, through them, men can become intimately acquainted with their Heavenly Father, his Son Jesus Christ, and with conditions and opportunities and expectations of life eternal.

- Spencer W. Kimball

Brother Beardall’s Gospel Doctrine Outlines

Lesson 39 - For the Perfecting of the Saints - Ephesians
Paul's letter to the Ephesians. We were chosen before the foundation of this world. The dispensation of the fulness of times. Saved by grace. Christ, the chief cornerstone. One Lord, one faith. Leaders for the perfecting of Saints. Unity between husband and wife and between parents and children. Putting on the armour of God.

Lesson 38 - Thou Hast Testified of Me - Acts 21-28
Paul reports on his journeys and faces an angry mob in Jerusalem. Paul's address before the Sanhedrin. Paul presents his case before King Agrippa - telling of his life, of his persecution of the Christians, and of his conversion. Paul is sent to Rome. His boat is shipwrecked. Lessons from the life of Paul.

Lesson 37 - Jesus Christ: The Author and Finisher of Our Faith - Hebrews
Christ suffered temptation. He learned obedience by that which he suffered. Paul encouraged the Saints to live so that they might enter into God's rest. The Lord fulfills his promise to the faithful. The necessity for change in the priesthood. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and established the gospel. Paul's discourse on faith. The Lord chastens those whom he loves.

Lesson 36 - Beloved of God, Called to Be Saints - Romans
Saints and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ. Paul glories in tribulation. Baptism and sin. We are the children of God.

Lesson 35 - Be Ye Reconciled to God - 2 Corinthians
Overcoming tribulation. Forgiving others. Feeling Godly sorrow for our sins. Becoming reconciled to God.

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